About Robin Somerville


I am a barrister, mediator and investigator with a difference. I have a markedly different background to other lawyers. Prior to qualifying in law I was a money market trader in the City of London before I set up, grew and successfully sold three technology start-ups over fifteen years. As well as practising law, I have been Chair or a non-exec director of a number of others. For over 13 years I was an equity holding director of the UK’s leading online price comparison sites.

My background has given me particular expertise in insolvency, general commercial, technology, professional and general regulation, employment, road traffic and aviation. I assist by advising and representing parties, helping them settle their differences consensually or by deciding the outcome for them. As a barrister, arbitrator, mediator, ombudsman, investigator, regulatory panel chair and tribunal panel member of various kinds I have been involved in over 1,000 cases spanning more than 16 years.

My inclusive professional style focuses on problem solving, finding solutions to issues and disputes by consensus wherever possible to avoid court based determination unless no practical alternative remains to enforce parties’ rights.

I am at my most useful when clients are experiencing times of crisis and change where they benefit from my judgement, strategic and analytical focus and calm approach.

Specialities: advocacy, business development, business process automation, business models and systems design and architecture, dispute resolution, education, employment tribunal, health care, professional and regulatory body panel chairing and representation, insolvency, internet development, internet marketing, marketing, mediation, regulation, relationship management, strategy formulation, development and implementation.

Why choose Robin

I have over 16 years experience of sitting on and chairing tribunals and panels, weighing evidence, assessing credibility and coming to independent, impartial, evidence based decisions.

What makes me stand out from other lawyers is over 15 years of coal face commercial, business and work place experience, starting up, growing, managing and selling a number of businesses, in addition to my legal and dispute resolution training and academic achievement.

I strive for consensus, and consensual dispute resolution but make pragmatic, robust and grounded decisions when consensus is beyond reach.

Areas of expertise

Due to my breadth and depth of experience, I am able solve a wide range of business, commercial, employment and professional discipline issues and disputes across a substantial number of areas and industries.