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Family Business Dispute

Do you currently have a challenge or dispute in your family business or is there one brewing?  Do you have debates about succession planning or is it a taboo topic that would be better addressed?  Do some family members want to follow a particular strategy and others a different direction?

Disputes and disagreement within family businesses can have a devastating effect as they can detract so heavily from getting the business operating efficiently and can damage family and personal relationships.

Robin can draw on his first hand experience of family business issues and dispute. Prior to qualifying as a Barrister specialising in dispute resolution and an Accredited Mediator, his own family’s business ended with administrators being called in after 75 years and three generations, with substantial damage being caused to the family’s wealth.

Robin now seeks to help other family businesses formulate strategy and resolve their disputes to minimise their impact on the business and family relations ensuring that all views are articulated and heard.  He is particularly gifted in generating new options that may not previously have been considered, drawing on his business and legal backgrounds to assist family members focus on solving the problem and build a stable platform for the future. He always looks for the ‘win-win’.

Robin will travel throughout the country to assist family businesses wherever he can.

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