Professional Standards
and Regulation

In addition to sitting as a Chair and Panel member on number of professional disciplinary and fitness to practise panels across a wide range of UK regulators and professional bodies spanning many professions, Robin also provides training and advisory services as well as representation before fitness to practise tribunals.

Robin has provided advisory services to a number of professional regulators such as the statutory Construction Industry Council Approved Inspectors Register (CICAIR) and the private law regulator of Law of Property Act Receivers when reviewing their codes of conduct and procedures. In respect of CICAIR, Robin was Chair of the Code of Conduct Review Working Group. This involved Robin undertaking a comparative analysis of range of professional codes of conduct, consulting with the industry and drafting a new Code for adoption.

In respect of training, Robin has provided annual panel training for the Irish Medical Council and CICAIR as well as referrer training for some of the UK’s largest pharmacy chains. Topics have spanned all the key areas of competence for those involved in fitness to practise cases including dishonesty, the writing of reasons and the importance of  protecting the reputation of the profession. Robin has particular expertise in questioning techniques for panel chairs and members. This follows an unsuccessful judicial review where the judge made the following comments about Robin: “it is to Mr Somerville’s credit…. Mr Somerville was right to probe…. entirely fair of him.… perfectly sensible…. ” The applicant’s case was described by the Judge as “misconceived…. unwarranted…. astonishing criticism…. no merit.

If you are a professional with a case before your regulator and are seeking assistance to defend allegations or whether you need help with mitigation when something has gone wrong, Robin is able to be your Advocate* and to represent you by assisting you in putting your side of the story in its best light and to try to clear your name as effectively as possible or to achieve the lightest sanction possible.

  • Fitness to practice panel chair or member for a number of the UK’s largest regulators and professional bodies and chartered institutes.
  • Advisor and Board Member to a range of professional regulators
  • Fellow of Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

* When acting as a representative in professional disciplinary proceedings, Robin is unable to act as a Barrister and does not hold himself out to be so.