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Robin has recently provided general business and strategic advice to a large Further Education College in financial and organisational crisis. Areas of advice covered included appraisal of a number of strategic options such as identifying potential sites for closure, potential for sale and leaseback of real estate assets, key workforce issues, potential avenues for recovery against ….
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"Robin appointed as Lay Member of RICS/IPA Fixed Charge Receivership Scheme." It is arguable that fixed charge receivership has been unregulated since the introduction of the Law of Property Act 1925. The result of this has been that little or no protection existed to protect the interests of lenders, creditors or other shareholders. Canary Wharf London Read more
ealaw-solicitors-logoRobin acted as a legal consultant to E A Law Solicitors in Barnet, in a matter where a client successfully defended a claim of a breach of contract amongst other allegations. The claim involved contract, insolvency and company law and was allocated to the Fast Track.  Following the ….
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