Robin Somerville - Resolving Legal Problems


I am a barrister and holder of a private pilot’s licence with night and IMC (Instrument Meteorological Conditions) ratings. I have flown a wider range of types, including complex and retractable SEPs.

I am currently an arbitrator for the ABTA Travel Arbitration Scheme and was previously an adjudicator for the CEDR Aviation Adjudication Scheme. During my legal training, I researched aviation law, including the Air Navigation Order 2016 and the Rules of the Air Regulations 2016.

I have since conducted analysis on Civil Aviation Authority prosecutions. I can advise and provide representation to pilots, airfields, air operators and aircraft owners in respect of prosecutions, investigations and operational matters before the CAA, Airprox Board, Air Accidents Investigation Branch and in respect of general commercial, operations and disputes:

  • Airfield operations
  • Airspace infringements
  • Air accidents and AAIB investigations
  • Airprox
  • Air worthiness offences
  • Causing dangerous goods to be delivered for carriage
  • Flying passengers without commercial or air travel organisers licences
  • Flying without insurance
  • Group disputes
  • Insolvency
  • Licence offences
  • Low flying
  • Medical offences
  • Negligently causing an aircraft to endanger a person
  • Personal injury and insurance claims as a result of aircraft incidents
  • Using a false instrument

I can be instructed by pilots and operators direct under the public access scheme, or via a solicitor. Contact me for a confidential and no obligation discussion about your situation.

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