Robin Somerville - Resolving Legal Problems

Flexible In House General Counsel

A Barrister With Direct Access Rights

  • Are you a director or owner of an entrepreneurial business? Or an established family business?
  • Do you need access to flexible, responsive, good value legal support and advice?
  • Are you trying to buy or sell another business or perhaps you are facing another kind of legal issue such as a dispute with a client or staff member, or a trading standards or health and safety matter?

As a barrister with direct access rights, meaning I can deal with businesses direct without the need to go through a solicitor, you can ask me to give you 30 mins advice or as long as you need. Or you might like to have someone ‘on call’ to give you advice as and when you need it. Or someone to attend Board meetings once a quarter or whenever you need them. Whereas some other lawyers hide away in their offices, I offer a more open approach and would be delighted to come to you in order to get a better feel and understanding of your business.

Solution Focused

I have a markedly different background to other lawyers which makes me much more valuable to business people such as yourself. Prior to qualifying as a barrister I was a money market trader in the City of London before I set up, grew and successfully sold three technology start-ups over fifteen years. As well as practising law, I have been Chair or a non-exec director of a number of others. For over 13 years I was an equity holding director of the UK’s leading online price comparison sites. This means I am much more solutions focussed and have a better grasp of how the law can help businesses rather than lawyers being there to serve their own interests. I know first hand what it’s like being a business owner or director. With me you get straight up, honest advice about how to solve (or avoid) problems.

My background has given me particular expertise in insolvency, general commercial, technology, professional and general regulation and employment. As a barrister, arbitrator, mediator, ombudsman, investigator, regulatory panel chair and tribunal panel member of various kinds I have been involved in over 1,000 cases spanning more than 16 years.

My inclusive professional style focuses on problem solving, finding solutions to issues and disputes by consensus wherever possible to avoid court based determination unless no practical alternative remains to enforce parties’ rights.

I am at my most useful when clients are experiencing times of crisis and change where they benefit from my judgement, strategic and analytical focus and calm approach.

Working That Suits Your Needs

A short bit of advice, a more considered approach to a particular legal issue or someone with whom you have a solid long term relationship who you turn to on an occasional but regular basis. This means you have access to legal advice without the hefty legal bills.

I always try to set a fixed, proportionate fee for a particular issue so you know what you’re dealing with. Or if you prefer, transparently priced blocks of time from 30 mins to a week.

How am I able to do this? Simple, I have a different business model to the traditional law firm. I have no traditional pyramid where partners have junior lawyers and large offices and facilities they need to pay for.

Why not contact me with an issue you might be facing and I’ll show you how I can help.

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