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Do you have an upcoming workplace mediation or need one to settle a workplace dispute? Do you need to resolve workplace conflict? Looking for a workplace employment mediator who conducts mediation workplace and who is also barrister that practises employment law?

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Prior to qualifying as a barrister and mediator I worked in the City of London as a trader in the money markets as well as previously setting up, grewing and selling three start-up businesses of my own. The combination of having been an employee, employer and entrepreneur and together with being a barrister makes me unique in being able not only to understand the legal issues involved in a workplace dispute, but also to get behind them to assist parties identify lasting, workable solutions for the future and reduce workplace conflict. This is particularly true in respect of board conflict, board mediation and executive mediation. It separates me from other workplace mediators.

An example of this is one mediation I conducted between a manager and a member of staff. The HR Director who appointed me told me that the held no hope for resolution but had to go through their processes. By the end of the day, the two members of staff in the dispute had settled their differences. I checked in a few months later and the agreement was still in place with no ongoing dispute.

I understand much better than most, the commercial imperative behind the swift and successful resolution of disputes that can cause disruption to a business. This business acumen, combined with in-depth legal expertise, provides unique benefits to clients when I am acting as an employee mediator or work mediator.

Client Testimonials

“Thank you so much for yesterday, you are without doubt the best. I am so grateful that you persevered”

“sensitive and professional leadership of the mediation”

“I heard today that you were great! …it is great to be proven wrong [that the mediation would be unsuccessful]”

“thoughtful, observant and a positive contributor to the process”

“a diligent and reliable professional”, “invaluable”, “perceptive, thorough and inclusive”.

“Robin puts wanting to find a solution before anything else, I wish I had met him four years ago.”

The earlier you instruct me in the process the more value I can deliver. Employment mediation and employee mediation works best as early as possible, before workplace dispute and workplace conflict has become entrenched.

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