Client Testimonial

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Alex Cockle - Direct Access Client

Robin Somerville worked quickly with me in securing a position against a wrongful decision by a local authority.

What had for me become a mountain I was unable to surpass became an orderly approach to what in the end became a positive outcome.

If you are a business person facing court for personal or business reasons, as long as you are sure that your case is solid, it is worth standing up for what you know is the truth.

My use of the ombudsman in conjunction with Robin as my barrister cemented the case in my favour, in fact a huge turnaround.

By putting all of my trust in someone I didn’t know, I achieved an outcome that I really needed.

It was actually an outcome which my business would have never recovered from as the local authority doubled my business rates in Covid instead of providing relief.

Thanks to Robin for his punctuality, attention to detail and forthright attitude by determining the mood in court.

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